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Introducing Grab PayLater: Empowering Your Purchases with Convenience

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key. That's why we're excited to introduce Grab PayLater, a groundbreaking financial service offered by Grab that's designed to make your shopping experience smoother than ever. But what exactly is Grab PayLater, and how can it revolutionize the way you shop? Let's dive into the details.


Seamless Shopping with Grab PayLater

Grab PayLater opens up a world of opportunity by allowing you to make purchases in four hassle-free interest-free installments. This service is available to all Grab Wallet users who meet the following criteria:

  • Age 21 and above
  • Platinum, Gold, or Silver GrabRewards tier members
  • Completed at least three Grab transactions in the past month using cash, credit, or debit card

    If you’re eligible for PayLater, you’ll be able to activate it in-app, or simply launch your Grab app, tap on Payments, tap on Enjoy Now and Pay Later under Explore GrabPay. If you don’t see the PayLater option, then it mean that this service is not available to you just yet.


    Simple Activation and Usage

    Activating Grab PayLater is a breeze. If you qualify, simply head to your Grab app, navigate to the Payments section, and select "Enjoy Now and Pay Later" under Explore GrabPay. Don't see the PayLater option? No worries – it might not be available to you just yet.

    Making payments using Grab PayLater is just as straightforward:

    1. Choose the "Grab – Pay now or Pay later" option at the checkout page.
    2. Log in to your Grab account associated with your mobile number.
    3. Enter the OTP verification when prompted.
    4. Ensure your Grab Wallet has sufficient funds for the first installment.
    5. Opt for the four installments (monthly) option.
    6. Confirm payment due dates and complete the purchase.



    Botella Grab PayLater Step

    Botella Grab PayLater Step


    Perks and Points

    Worried about earning GrabRewards points? Fear not – you can easily track your points during the checkout process.

    Stay in the Loop

    Keep an eye on our social media platforms and website for any promotions tied to the Grab PayLater service. We're here to enhance your shopping journey.

    No Hidden Costs

    One of the best parts about PayLater is that it's entirely free. No upfront fees or interest charges. Just straightforward convenience.

    Flexible Spending

    Wondering about spending limits? Your unique PayLater Amount is tailored to your profile and payment history, which means your spending capacity grows with your responsible usage.

    No Minimum Spend

    From coffee lids to big-ticket items, there's no minimum spend required for a PayLater Instalments transaction. Your convenience knows no bounds.

    Convenience in Multiples

    With Grab PayLater, you can enjoy multiple transactions as long as they're within your PayLater offered amount. Easily keep track of your transactions on the PayLater homescreen.

    In a world where convenience matters most, Grab PayLater is your go-to solution for effortless shopping. Upgrade your shopping experience today and enjoy the freedom of flexible payments, exclusive rewards, and seamless convenience. Welcome to the future of shopping with Grab PayLater.



    Will I get GrabReward points if I pay using PayLater?

    An easy way to track if you’re earning GrabRewards points for your selected Grab payment method is to check it during the checkout flow. Please confirm this in Step 6 of the payment process.


    Are there any promotions or offers when using the Grab PayLater service?

    We will inform you on our socials and on our website if there are any promotion related to Grab PayLater service.


    Is there extra charges to using PayLater?

    PayLater is a free service offered by retailers to you – there are no upfront fees charged or any interest accrued.

    The only fee that may be incurred is admin fee to reactivate your suspended account. Your PayLater account may be suspended if you have overdue PayLater bill and you do not make any payments after being notified by us.


    How much am I eligible to spend using PayLater?

    To ensure safe spending practices, you will be assigned a unique PayLater Amount based on your user profile and payment practices and it is subject to change from time to time. This means, the longer you have been using PayLater and the more orders you have successfully repaid according to your payment schedule, the more likely you will be able to spend more.


    Is there a minimum spend for a PayLater Instalments transaction?

    No, there is currently no minimum spend required for a PayLater Instalments transaction. You can buy just a coffee lid and still use the PayLater option.


    I made one transaction with PayLater. I want to make another transaction with PayLater. Can I do that?

    Yes, you can have multiple PayLater transactions as long as it is within your PayLater offered amount.

    You may also keep track of your PayLater Amount and transactions in the PayLater homescreen.


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