Botella Member Rewards Program: Earn Points and Get Discounts

Botella Member Rewards Program: Earn Points and Get Discounts

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Botella Member Rewards Program

At Botella, we deeply appreciate your trust and support over the past year. As a token of our gratitude, we are thrilled to introduce the Botella Member Rewards Program, designed exclusively for our valued customers.


How Does The Botella Member Rewards Work?

  1. Create a Botella member reward program Account
    To begin your rewarding journey, click the "Reward" button, which locate at right bottom, to create your Botella member reward program account.

  2. Complete a Purchase
    Explore our wide selection of Botella products and make a purchase while logged into your account.
    Every RM1 spend will earn 1 point as your member rewards.

  3. Check Your Points
    Keep track of your earned points by the "Rewards" button.

  4. Redeem Points During Checkout
    Under member rewards program there, select redeem points, redeem whatever promotion and offer in there. When you're ready to make a purchase, simply check the discount offer that you had been redeemed during checkout.


Botella Member Rewards Point Conversion Rate

  • For every RM1 spent, you earn 1 reward point.
  • Every 100 points you accumulate can be redeemed for a RM1 discount on your purchase.
  • Shipping fee or any additional charges will not include as rewards point.


  • If you spent RM98 with an RM8 shipping fee, you will earn 98 points. (Shipping fee RM8 will be exclude from the point reward)
  • If you have accumulated 1500 points, you can choose to discount RM15 on your next purchase. (Start from RM1)


Terms and Conditions:

  • There is no minimum or maximum point redemption requirement.
  • Please note that points are not earned on shipping costs.
  • All points awarded are rounded down to the nearest tenth.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I received an email saying I have member reward points credited into my account. How do I check?

    To check your reward points, first ensure you have a registered account with us (Rewards button on right bottom). Your username is the email address where you received the notification email.
    ***Please note that for accounts created before October 2023, please contact with our customer service to gain your reward points that gained from our old version website. (New account create needed)


    2. I have made a purchase in the past but I did not create an account. Do I get any points?

    As long as you using the same email address to register member reward program, you point will automate capture by the system. Check with our customer teams for further information.
    3. How do I create a Botella member reward program account?
    You can easily create a Botella account by clicking the "Rewards" button at right bottom. 

    Thank you for choosing Botella, where your loyalty is truly rewarded!

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