As Malaysia has achieved a vaccination rate of over 70%, it calls for a cause to celebrate the nation being one step closer to achieving herd immunity against the coronavirus!

Celebrate your 2nd dose with our new “I’m Vaccinated” series or encourage your friends, family or coworkers to complete their vaccination with this limited edition design from Botella!

You can send it as a gift to someone else who has been fully vaccinated or have one for yourself to celebrate the occasion.

Limited design will only be available until the end of October, so hurry, grab them while stocks last!

How to get the limited edition I’m Vaccinated Series Botella:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Select the size of your choice:

  1. 18oz (532ml)
  2. 22oz (650ml)
  3. 32oz (946ml)
  4. 40oz (1182ml)

Step 3: Select the lid of your choice

  1. Spout Lid
  2. Straw Lid
  3. Coffee Lid

Step 4: Select “Buy Now” if you only wish to purchase 1 bottle, select “Add to Cart” if you wish to continue shopping for more.

Step 5: Proceed to checkout and insert your shipping details so that we can proceed with the order.