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Father’s Day Photo Contest Winners Announcement Post

Botella’s Father’s Day Photo Contest has concluded and we have our winners!

The winners were decided by internal voting and the entries with the top 3 highest votes were selected as the winners. We initially had a 3-way tie for 2 spots but after the 2nd round of voting, 2 winners emerged!

Congratulations to the winning entries:


Winner #1: @edisontan (Instagram)


I don’t have a second to spare when I work from home

Feeding my child milk with my left hand, 
and feeding my child eat porridge with my right hand. 
Settled at my child’s online class problem, 
and also my ears are disturbed by another two children grabbing toys!

Although it is noisy, but I enjoy every moment with them to me.  
Accompany is the most important moment for children to grow up.

Accompany is the best gift for My Fathers Day
Happy Fathers Day to all SUPER HERO!!!


Let’s join and support together



Winner #2: @kavidamo (Instagram)


Winner #3: Rahimah Ibrohim (Facebook)


I have a Hero
I call him ABAH

My ABAH is my superhero very rock and very sporting person. He is the most important person in my life. He works hard to make money for my family. He is handsome and kind. He works hard for my family and takes care of everyone. He has a very hardworking nature. He likes to makes joke. He is good at singing english songs, chinese song, india song, he likes to entertain people. He teach me how to being a good person in my life.

ABAH thank you for all that you are and all that you have done.


We also want to thank all participants who entered; we received over 80 entries but there can only be three winners of course. Stay tuned on our socials for more upcoming events and promotions! We've got something big coming your way too!