Our 40oz series is finally here! Starting from RM108 onwards, our 40oz bottles also comes with free shipping when you buy 2 bottles or more!

Why The 40oz?

We understand that everyone has different levels of hydration needs. From the feedback we’ve gathered, we’ve concluded that larger capacity vacuum flasks are what you want so… here we are! If you’re looking for a good, high quality, large capacity vacuum flask that feels and looks good in your hands, Botella’s 40oz series is here to have those needs covered!

Most vacuum flasks keep your drinks hot or cold as expected but the problem with that is you won’t be able to hold a lot of it at one time as their capacity is low. Frequently having to make trips to the pantry or kitchen to refill your bottle can become quite a hassle, especially if you’re busy working. So why not make life simple and just refill twice a day with our 40oz bottle? It can hold up to 1.2L of fluids and it can hold it in very well too with our leak-proof cap design. No worries about it spilling in your bag or box, even when placed sideways.

Features of The 40oz Large Capacity Bottle

The Botella 40 oz large capacity bottle’s main feature is obviously its size but there are other features that make it stand out too!

Botellas are made of 304 grade stainless steel that has been certified by SGS to be food grade safe. Our lids are BPA free too which makes it safe for your lips to touch them with no worries of nasty chemicals seeping into your body when you drink from a Botella. Drink well knowing every sip is safe.

Botellas feature a powder coat finish which is safer for the environment compared to liquid painted steel. Read more about powder coating in our other blog post here.

Because of the double-wall vacuum design, the outer finish is sweatproof and doesn’t feel hot or cold to the touch when your bottle is filled with hot or cold beverages. Speaking of hot and cold, did you know that our bottles can keep hot drinks hot for 10 hours and cold drinks cold for 20 hours?

The wide-mouth design of Botellas also makes it easy for you to fill it up with ice cubes or hot water.

So grab your 40oz bottle now and start rehydrating!

Shop here: https://botella.my/40oz-wide-mouth-collection